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Wapello Teachers and Staff
Principal: Matt Noble
Secretary: Lacy Neff
Kindergarten: Janae Evans
Kindergarten: Sierra Weaver
1st Grade: Linda Dance
1st Grade: Lori McNeel
2nd Grade: Megan Tominaga
2nd Grade: Aubree Dansie
3rd Grade: Emily Palmer
3rd Grade: Eleshia Watson
4th Grade: Donna Bevan
4th Grade: Tonya Hanson
5th Grade: LaNae Porter
5th Grade: Susan Underwood
Special Education: Samantha Holmquist
Special Education Aides: Twyla Dunn
                                             Jessica Evans


Interventionist: Becky Walker
Counselor: Rishay Ackley
P.E. Paraeducator: Heather Polatis
Music Paraeducator: Logan Lindholm
Library/Media: Sarah Ward
Paraeducator: Michelle Speas
                           Leticia Shoemaker

Kitchen Manager: Wendy Bautista
FS Assistant: Sue Golinveaux

Custodial Staff:
Talmage Findlay
Josephina Bautista
 Mission Statement

Wapello Elementary School exists to serve children in an environment that fosters esteem and strives to instill those values that lead to scholarship and responsible citizenship.

About Our School

Wapello Elementary is a rural school located 6.1 miles north of Blackfoot, Idaho. It is an integral part of a close-knit community where students and families are valued and education is guided by a partnership among students, staff and parents. The school serves approximately 230 students in grades K-5 providing an excellent education that is aligned with Idaho State standards, and where achievement is at a high level supported by a qualified and caring staff.

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