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WELCOME to Wapello

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for allowing your children to be a part of the Wapello Wolfpack. Your support and willingness to be a part of the goodness that we constantly try to promote means a lot! We work hard to make it a positive experience for them with memories they can look back on with joy and satisfaction.

Successfully implementing the math rewards program last year helped our students grow as mathematicians and undoubtedly gave them more confidence in approaching and solving math problems as well as life problems. Our reading rewards program continues to inspire our students to read and has been a great boon toward encouraging students to find joy in reading great books.

We won’t stop improving this year. First, improving our math and reading programs and improving academic achievement in every aspect will be at the forefront of our minds as we care for our students throughout the year. We’re also looking forward to expanding our playground. Through the efforts of many, we will be able to achieve our dreams of having more activities for children to enjoy outside. Please know we welcome you at Wapello Elementary and look forward to this year!

Mr. Noble


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Wapello Elementary School

195 E. 350 N 

​Blackfoot, ID 83221

Tel: 208-785-8844

Fax: 208-785-8815  

District Title IX Coordinator

Ryan Wilson

District Office 


Section 504/ADA Coordinator

Lynette Carter

Irving Student Support  Center


Federal Programs Director

Joy Mickelson

District Office 


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